Page 5 - HK Brochure 2018
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Our programmes feature:

•	 A totally immersive and authentic study experience with professionally qualified teachers and workshop leaders
•	 Learning about the British culture first hand
•	 Gaining independence by living with a British host family or at a prestigious UK boarding school


•	 An academic curriculum based on HK and UK syllabi and experiential drama, literature and creativity
•	 Reflecting and enjoying classical literature written by famous authors
•	 An independent “IB-style” research project
•	 Fast progress in public speaking skills
•	 Building confidence and enhancing independent learning strategies
•	 A fun and happy learning environment supported by focused teamwork and leadership skills

•	 Exciting excursions to places of cultural and historical interest
•	 A world famous West End musical
•	 Exploring career options: Lawyer at The Royal Courts of Justice mock trial, Journalist at a world famous

     broadcasting organisation and tertiary education at top tier UK universities (advanced programme)
•	 Amazing activities, promoting teamwork and high achievement
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