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         “Our aim is to deliver experiential, life-training and life-changing programmes that are
         truly educational. We offer students the opportunity to study as British students and their
         response is always remarkably positive. They make a real success of our short, intensive,
         intercultural programmes and their progress never ceases to amaze me! Past students
         return home with improved written and communication skills as well as increased
         confidence and independence. Very importantly, they become equipped to perform
         successfully in interviews for further study in their home countries or abroad. In addition,
         students learn how to build relationships with people from different backgrounds and
         cultures and make friends for life.

         This project is a truly unique experience for everyone involved and one that our students
         remember for the rest of their lives. Exploring and experiencing a different culture in a
         non-threatening environment allows our students to respond constructively and form
         positive impressions, which are the first steps to becoming international citizens.”

         Tom Walton

Why choose the
Excel Academy?

•	 A pioneer in learning for over 25 years
•	 A reputation for excellence
•	 Tailor-made programmes
•	 Total immersion
•	 A leader in its focus on enquiry and active

•	 Fun learning
•	 Independence and confidence building
•	 Accredited by the British Council
•	 Highest level of quality from QMS, ISO 9001
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